Digital Design × Metropolia

Creating a brand and website from zero

Client: Digital Design/Metropolia, 2020

Before December of 2020 our biggest project semester did not have a name that really described the dynamic and professional work we do here at Digital Design. The problem occurred each year when we were collecting new projects. Companies and organizations didn’t know who we were, what we did and what we could do.

We were given the liberty to brand the whole concept and to create a website to match it. The website could be used, not only in finding new projects, but also as a marketing tool for letting the world know what we can do. So in a team of four, we created the brand: name, color palette, tone-of-voice etc. And to really get our message across, the WordPress website was built with the mindset of functioning as our business card.

“Notio Design – where students blossom when teachers look away.”

— Markus Norrena, Senior lecturer of Digital Design

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