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Concept and ideation for a digital tool

Client: Passi & Ripatti, 2020

Passi & Ripatti approached us with the task of creating a concept and prototype for a digital enterprise architecture tool. The goal of the tool was to bring more value into the customer relationships of Passi & Ripatti and make an existing service easier and more efficient to complete. Our finished product was a concept that contained observations and recommendations for the tool’s development.

We started by getting to know the subject and benchmarking other companies that offer digital tools. During an ideation workshop we sketched a storyboard and simple user interface wireframes which we utilized in user interviews. The interviews, combined with our other observations, provided us with important insights that we compiled into the final concept.

“The team did a great job refining the concept for our upcoming service and helped us understand the customer needs.”

— Hannu Ripatti, Passi & Ripatti

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