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Concept work: Standing out as a tech company

Client: Kodan, 2020

Our task was to sharpen our client’s marketing message so they could stand out from the field. They wanted to know what’s common and what’s not from different marketing perspectives. We began by analysing our client’s web page and social media. We then benchmarked and analyzed their competitors. By workshopping we brainstormed what our client could do differently.

Our conclusion was that our client should focus on creating a strong base for their branding as it is often the thing you remember best. We suggested utilizing their insights and vision as professionals to create a voice that rings true yet firm. Presenting themselves as experts in their field will give them the credibility of a big corporation while maintaining a small business mindset.

“Thanks for the helpful insights about what to focus next and in the long run!”

— Ville Yli-Knuutila, Kodan

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